What inspires you?


Hello World!

Our team at Little Dipper is delighted to join the worldwide community of quilters, sewers, fashion designers, DIYers and artists. So excited, in fact, that we’re starting a blog to talk about creativity.

“Creativity?” you ask.

Yes! Creativity. You see, in our community at Little Dipper, we often ask the question, What inspires you? 

We look forward to your answer. In the meantime, you might ask, What inspires Little Dipper?

We are inspired by your creativity. We’re excited—truly—to hear about, see and share your ideas!

We are inspired by our fabric designers’ creativity. Wait until you see what our artisans such as Dillon Deskin and Kat Uno are up to. You’re going to love their fabric designs!

We are inspired by our makers’ creativity. Makers such as Suzannah Richardson and Artlyn Mali'o Johnson cut and sew fabrics in unique, beautiful ways. Dreaming about and making with cotton fabrics? That is inspiring!

At Little Dipper, we’re as passionate about the creative and beautiful as you are. We hope to weave ourselves into the sewing community through delivering original design and premium quality textiles, while also being good citizens of the planet and providing excellent value to our artisans and makers.

Here, now, at the beginning of our blog, we hope that you are feeling the stirrings of excitement and inspiration. We cannot wait to talk with you about more creativity, along with community, what being good citizens of the planet means to us, what fair rewards to artists can be, how crowd-sourcing designs will bring you original yet affordable textiles, and most of all how to order one-of-a-kind, premium cotton fabrics for your creative inspirations.

Please join the Little Dipper community, take a look at our fabrics, and share what inspires you!


Laura + The Team at Little Dipper


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