Reaching for the stars!

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Speaking of stirrings of excitement and inspiration, a few nights ago we sat under the dark sky, watching the supermoon turn red and rise over the horizon. It took us some exploring to find a swath of sky wide enough to watch the moon and to gaze at the stars. But for us at Little Dipper, watching that supermoon felt especially fortuitous because our Kickstarter campaign was also on the rise, stretching high, reaching toward the stars.

In fact, as of today, October 1, 2015, we’re really seeing stars because after 30 days, 2 stretch goals + Little Dipper itself are funded via Kickstarter. We are humbled by the enthusiasm of our supporters, we are thrilled to have exceeded our goals and we’re already hard at work on the next steps towards creating beautiful textiles.

You might be wondering, “How does Little Dipper create beautiful textiles for me?”

Little Dipper crowdsources fabrics. Artists submit their fabric designs to our site and we’ll share those fabrics with our community on When members of our community signal their interest through ordering enough of a fabric design, we do a commercial run of the fabric, and then ship the fabric to individuals. In other words, members of our community (not faceless business people) choose whether we produce a particular design commercially or not. In other words, you choose the best fabrics for your creative projects.

Truly, how awesome is that?

Our 126 supporters, through their generous donations of $12,664 on Kickstarter, have chosen the creative designs, quality fabric and ethical business practices that we at Little Dipper will create. It may be, like watching the supermoon a few nights ago, it will take us some exploration to find our swath of sky, but we feel fortunate beyond words to be well on our way.

At Little Dipper, we’ll continue to stretch high, to reach for the stars. Thank you to all for the love, support, and enthusiasm!


Laura + The Team at Little Dipper 

Thanks to Bob King for his wide angle view of the supermoon, colored red, in a starry sky with the Aquila Milky Way visible on September 27, 2015. Inspiring! Beautiful! 

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