We're open for business!

Hello World!

Over the past few weeks, our team at Little Dipper has been acquiring new stock and re-decorating our store. Now, we’re throwing open the doors to announce:

Little Dipper is OPEN for business!

“What does that mean?” You might ask.

In answer, let’s take a little tour of LittleDipper.co.

To start with, come see our fabrics. We have new fabrics!

<little star> Kat Uno returns with designs titled "Circle Spin," "Cloudy Rainy Day" and "Umbrella." Kat’s fabric designs come from a happy place. Honestly? We cannot resist how happy they make us, and we’re betting you’ll feel the same!

<little star> Gordon Silveria’s "Seeing Fortunes," "In Your Eyes" and "Stars" designs have just gone live. We’re excited about Gordon's artistic vision—and OMG! His fabrics! We haven’t seen the like anywhere.

<little star> Finally, we’ve added a How It Works to share how crowdsourcing fabrics from Little Dipper works. Our company is unique and we’re happy to tell you all about why!

Next, we beg you: don’t miss our visit our handcrafted market. We’re raving about one-of-a-kind products made by:

 Artlyn Mali'o Johnson

<little star> Suzannah Richardson

Their work is positively inspirational!

In addition, we’re calling to surface design and hand-product-making artists

  • Little Dipper is actively searching for original fabric designs. Our fabrics are curated. However, if your designs are selected, because our core business values include supporting artistic endeavors, compensation for your designs will be higher than the market average.

  • Makers of textile products: we also want to support your artistic endeavors, and we know it can be hard to attract an audience for your special products! We can help you do just that. Yes, right now we’re scrappy but we’d love to add your products to our growing handmade market.  

Finally, because we are strong proponents of creativity, inspiration, business ethics and community, we want you to know our faces too: Emilie & Keith. We want to weave ourselves into the artistic community, and we want for our community to weave itself into Little Dipper. We’ll keep in regular contact through this Little Dipper blog and our newsletter, and we cannot wait to start hearing from you! Feel free to drop us a line any time, for any reason: ask@littledipper.co. We want to know what inspires you? and how we can help your creativity come alive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the tour? Now that you're in the know, join our community of creatives, order handmade items, submit your designs & products, and pre-order your fabric.

Welcome to Little Dipper. We’re so excited to be open for business and so excited you’re here!

Emilie & Keith + The Team at Little Dipper

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