What's the difference?

What's the difference?

Hello LDB Readers,

“How does your site differ from other fabric cotton retailers?” Maggie, a member of our community, emailed to ask.

To all, we say: we love questions. Keep sending them our way! For Maggie and you, our readers, we’d love to explain how we differ.

First, Little Dipper’s business modus operandi is unique: we curate fabric designs from artist submissions, we then share designs and ask the Little Dipper community to fund fabrics. Next, we send fully funded designs to mills for commercial runs, and then we send the fabric to you for your creative projects. Now, at this point, we could toss words like crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, crowdWOW, but instead, let’s just say that Little Dipper fabrics are chosen by a community of people that desires original, quality cotton fabrics but needs to pay reasonable prices.

While we’re on the subject of unique, we’d like to mention that Little Dipper is our creative solution to problems that we see in the fabric-production world. Our goal is a classic win-win-win: a win for makers who want quality, original fabrics for their sewing projects. A win for artists, who will earn higher-than-average compensation from their fabric designs and sell their handmade products on our site. A win for our team, most especially Emilie and Keith, whose dream it is to promote artists and artistry using ethical and earth-conscious means. We’re unique, we’re ethical, we’re community-minded, and we care about what you care about: quality, innovation and fair pay for all!

But to answer Maggie’s question specifically:


Little Dipper


Other Retailers


You + our community selects Little Dipper fabric designs. We print them on commercial presses.


Our Little Dipper Guru says, “why spend time on a piece using a fabric that is quickly going to fall apart?” We agree! So, we made quality Little Dipper's number one priority. 



Some retailers decide which fabrics they think you’ll buy, produce them and hope.


Retailers who focus on custom fabrics often print one yard at a time using inkjet printers, which means that ink spreads, soaks into the fibers. The result neither looks as good nor lasts as well.


* * * *

Price point

We charge fair market prices for our labor-intensive, quality fabrics. Currently, we’re priced at $11.95 per yard and we charge a flat-rate shipping. As our community grows, we will continue to keep our pricing fair and accessible.


Some retailers charge similar prices, but their interest is commercial. While it is often the case that custom retailers charge a lot more for not-that-great quality.

* * * *


Our designs are created by professional artists. We are professional designers and curate all designs so only good and original designs are offered on Little Dipper.



Bad fabric design is easier to find than good design. And really? Who wants bad design for their creative projects?

* * * *

Handmade textile products

We offer handmade textile products to inspire our community, to provide artists additional opportunities and to help those who are pressed for time to still have gorgeous fabric products.



Some retailers offer handmade products, some don’t. 

* * * *

Artist compensation

We respect artists, are genuinely proud of their work, and hope to empower artists to do more art through fair compensation.


We do not ask artists to pay us, we pay them above average rates for their work.



Both conventional and custom retailers pay fabric designers poorly, and require artists to pay for promotion such as trade shows.

* * * *


Little Dipper is a business and a community! We live by what we value:




   *Fair compensation for all!


   *BEAUTIFUL fabrics!


Some retailers care about design, some care about sales—but it is a rare fabric company that cares + uses ethical business practices.


Little Dipper is the democratization of quality, commercial cotton fabric design and printing. At Little Dipper, it is our privilege and our pleasure to bring creativity and dreams to life.

Thank you for asking, Maggie. And thanks to YOU, Little Dipper Blog Readers! Hint, hint: pre-order fabrics today @LittleDipper.co!



Laura + The Team at Little Dipper

PS: Thank you for the pic, cullinanelaw.com.

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