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Handmade Cards

Dearest Little Dipper Blog Readers,

As creativity and inspiration are words that our team at Little Dipper lives by, we often share project ideas that inspire us with you on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. Consider these posts our version of a Fabric Daily Inspirations calendar but better (!) because our project inspirations are free and earth-conscious. 

Often inspirations come from what is going on around us but just as often we find ourselves inspired by Little Dipper fabrics! Truly! We’re even not writing that we're inspired by our fabrics to hard sell or hypnotize you into ordering our fabrics. Although…

The mind is powerful, and you have more control than you think. Pre-order your heart’s desire at

Oops! Right. No more hypnosis. 

Anyway, our team is genuinely inspired by beautiful design and we spend more time than we ought dreaming of what we would like to make with cotton fabrics. Today, as the first lights on menorahs are being lit and other holidays approach, we collected a few of our favorite holiday inspirations to share with you here on our blog. 

star To start with, how about a scrap fabric garland? Inspired by Whitney Caroline Designs, we dream of draping our mantels and beds with a homemade garland. This'd be pretty any time of year… but add white lights…! Oh! So Pretty!


star What about a fabric sign? One of our team pre-ordered Gordon Silveria's "In Your Eyes" with the intent to frame on our walls (we love the originality of his designs!)… but this hanging with its gold reindeer and painted red frame makes us want to do this with myriads of fun fabrics! Kat Uno’s "Umbrellas" with an umbrella? Artlyn Mali'o Johnson's "Seahorse Fantasy" with a seahorse? Marta Berk's "Budding Blossoms" with a bee? Can you say pretty? Because they all would be! Thanks to The 36th Avenue for her inspiring creativity!

Fabric in frame oh deer

 Our weather has been cold… so we’ve been sipping hot chocolate and drawing back curtains to put aside gray rain. But the curtains aren't really helping. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to sew a new set of curtains… and perhaps make A Beautiful Mess'mat to match? One could do this with any fabric, any time of year. The result would be bright and festive and pretty!

Mat and curtain

  Speaking of inspired, when we discovered Mavery Designs, we became super-excited, looked over their classes, and we couldn’t settle on a favorite idea: a holiday table runner, an advent calendar, holiday pillows… or how about homemade holiday cards? What an awesome project to rationalize binge-watching on Netflix!


Holiday cards


star For holiday parties, perhaps a new dress is necessary? We think it can be hard to find dress designs that show-off interesting fabrics. But we stumbled across this dress and loved the design which perfectly shows off a unique fabric! Imagine it with a holiday fabric or with Marta Berk’s "Budding Romance"… perhaps with a cardigan or with long sleeves? We couldn't find the source of the original dress but we think it is so pretty! 

Cartoon dress

star And finally, after all of those projects, don’t you think a nap on a pretty pillow is in order? Especially, if as Buzzmills suggests, you add a bit of balsam to each pillow. Looks pretty. Smells pretty.

Holiday pillow


So. Those are some ideas that inspire our team at Little Dipper. But, we'd love to know what inspires you? Please share your ideas via comment below and keep an eye out for our social media inspirations! #LittleDipperInspirations #LittleDipperLoves


Laura + the Team at Little Dipper

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