Design of any kind, whether it be fashion or furniture, is driven by faceless corporations that deem what is “in”, or “out”, charging top dollar prices upfront and only discounting items that don’t sell. They spend time and money incentivizing us to waste money on things we really don't want or need. Here at Little Dipper, we do it differently; we produce limited edition, small runs of the highest quality, and award the best price to the early bird.

When you Pre-Order a fabric within the first 7-days, you get the best possible discount of 20%. For the next two weeks, you can still Pre-Order the fabric, but only get a 10% discount. After the Pre-Order time period is up, you may still be able to purchase the fabric, but there will only be a limited inventory available; so there are no guarantees.

The best deals are available to those who do not wait!