About Us

The Little Dipper Mission

At Little Dipper, we are inspired by the renewing power of beauty and creativity. We believe in fair pay for a job well done. And, We promise to deliver unique, limited edition designs at a premium quality, while remaining responsible, loving citizens of the world.

At Little Dipper...  

We’re as passionate about creativity and beauty as you are! Our contribution to the sewing community is to deliver original designs and premium quality textiles. We launched Little Dipper in August 2015 with the hope of weaving ourselves into the worldwide community of quilters, sewers, fashion designers, DIYers and artists. We ourselves are textile lovers committed to delivering quality fabrics and creative designs, while being good citizens to the planet and practicing business in ways that better our world. Because we are creatives, we especially celebrate the inspirations and works of artists, designers and makers. The team at Little Dipper is so very excited to share our creative, limited edition fabric creations with you!

What we do 

Little Dipper considers itself a new type of fabric business. Instead of faceless business people deciding which designs should be produced, we empower creatives by placing the decision in the hands of our customers. Every Little Dipper fabric is available for pre-sale for 30 days. If customers commit to buy enough, we will produce a limited edition commercial run. Our model allows the cotton fabrics we produce to be one-of-a-kind and the best of quality at accessible prices. 


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Who's behind Little Dipper?

Emilie Drumm ~ Founder 

While growing up, Emilie used to sort through her mother’s fabric collection and then just sit down and sew things. “She’s so creative,” Emilie’s mother would trill, which is probably why Emilie earned her degree in Print + Visual Design from Cal Poly University. As a print and design professional, Emilie's designs have been sold and distributed by companies like Talbot Vineyards, Shutterfly, Kodak, and many more. Emilie also spent many years teaching graduate and under-graduate level courses at the Academy of Art University. Presently, Emilie lives in a delicious neighborhood in Berkeley, California and is feverishly working to shape LittleDipper.co into a design and fabric company that thousands of other passionate sewers will love!


Adrienne Williams ~ VP 

Adrienne was lucky enough to have born & raised in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. She has degrees in English, Graphic Design and Fashion Design. After working in the Advertising, Marketing and Lifestyle Branding industry for over 14 years, she decided to take her skills and experience and try something new, like growing a business with a friend. Adrienne is very excited to witness the continued success of Little Dipper: “We want to make feeling beautifully original more accessible. Style by its nature is personal and unique to the individual. We want to serve the individual."