How can I design fabrics or sell products via Little Dipper?

How can I design fabrics for Little Dipper?

1. Creating your original design!

Create your original designs in Photoshop or Illustrator. If designs are hand drawn, be sure to scan them at, at least 300 dpi. Little Dipper uses a spot color system to produce its premium quality fabrics, so be sure to set up files accordingly. To learn how to setup up spot colors, visit the following links: Photoshop + Illustrator 

Designs must be 6 colors or less, the largest repeat size is 59" wide x 25.25" repeated height, and your design must have a title denoted in the submission email. Little Dipper reserves the right to change a designs title, to fit within the parameters of our mission. 

2. Submit your design to Little Dipper

Once your design is ready and your files have been set up correctly; submit your design to be curated, and we will take care of the rest. Little Dipper will review all design submissions for quality and technical reproducibility. Designs will be approved or rejected within 7-days of being submitted. Submit design files at Please include your last name in the name of the file you submit.

3. Your design goes live 

Once your design “goes live”, anyone in the world can begin to place pre-orders. Your design will receive 30 days on the Little Dipper site. You will be given a Little Dipper artist biography page that will link to your own website and be featured on our website and social media. We will promote your work to our customers, our networks and our friends, but the most successful artists on our site are actively promoting themselves and their brand along with their presence on

4. Making money from your work

Once a design hits its magic number of 300 pre-ordered yards, you (the artist) will receive your first payment of $150 within 30 days of reaching 300, plus $.50 for every yard thereafter. You get paid when we get paid. We at Little Dipper believe the team work does indeed, make the dream work. We love our artists and we want them to succeed! 

5. Selling your design elsewhere

Before a design is displayed on our Little Dipper site, the artist must agree to the Little Dipper Terms of Use, which states that you, the artist may not use a design for competitive runs of commercial fabric for 2 years from the date that design goes live on
It is important to note that all design credits belong to the artist. You retain possession of your design's copyright. we are just happy to curate. You are still free to use a “live” design for non-fabric related items, like stationary, home goods, etc.

How can I sell products via Little Dipper?

1. Make and hone a product you want to sell

Coming up with a great idea, then making it is the first step! Little Dipper is focused on quality in all things, so we only allow products valued at $20 or more for sale on the site. We’ll also be evaluating your product in the next step!

2. Email and submit your product for approval

We want you to be part of a community that sells unique, quality products. A big part of confirming all things are of quality is the submission and curation process. Email us a photo and description to begin the evaluation process:

3. Products going live on Little Dipper

Once you are an approved seller, we'll post your product/s on our Little Upon purchase, we'll send you payment, the customer invoice and the prepaid shipping slip (so all you have to do is put it in the mail). Little Dipper keeps 7.75% per transaction, the rest is yours!

4. Little Dipper’s seller code

We believe in excellent customer service at Little Dipper, community-building and excellent service is key to practicing business in ways that better our world. As part of our terms of use, you have agreed to the following seller terms:

  • We want Little Dipper to remain a personable business. Therefore, we’ll refer to you, the seller, by a personal name, not business name. Although, we will happily link to your business site and social media!
  • All products sold on Little Dipper must meet quality standards. We will need to be review any products before they go live on the site.
  • You are free to sell your products elsewhere, but need to sell them for the same retail price (no price competition)
  • We’ll email you a customer invoice. You must print and ship our invoice with any products sold through Little Dipper. You are welcome to include your own printed extras if you want!
  • Little Dipper’s return policy is structured as follows: we require that all products can be returned within 30 days of the products being received by the customer, provided they are unused and in "like-new" condition. Any shipping on returns will be at the expense of the buyer. The returned goods must include a copy of the receipt, buyers e-mail address, buyers shipping address and phone number.
  • If a package arrives damaged or never is received by customer, shipping insurance will cover some costs. When available, an exact replacement must be sent to the buyer at no additional cost. If no replacement can be made, the buyer must be refunded. Cases like this do happen occasionally, and we at Little Dipper will work with you and the buyer to resolve the situation to the best of our abilities. Please remember to be kind to all parties involved, and we will too!