How Little Dipper Works

How do I get the best deals?

We don't like how businesses only offer the best prices on products that people don't want. That is why at we Little Dipper want to give you the opportunity to save the most money only on things that you love! 

To save 20% off new fabric, you must pre-order within the first seven days it is live on Little dipper. If you miss that first week, all is not lost, you can still save 10% week two and three! The best deals are available for those who do not wait!

Why does Little Dipper offer pre-orders?

Great fabric begins with an idea, a spark! Artists (maybe you?) create the spark and we post the designs on Once a fabric design is live, you have 30 days to Pre-Order the design. If we get 300 yards or more of pre-orders, then we’ll produce the fabric using commercial processes, ie no cheap ink-jet printing! 

When do I pay for a pre-order?

If you purchase an item for pre-order, your credit card information will be retained, but your credit card will not be charged. You are not charged until 300 yards or more of a given design have been pre-ordered by the community. If a design does not receive 300 pre-ordered yards, then it does not get printed, which means your card does not get charged!

When will my items be shipped?

As soon as possible! We expect most designs to ship within 6 weeks of the pre-order period ending. More details will be available via email, and we'll continue to update the fabric design page.

Will my pre-orders be combined and shipped together?

When possible, items from multiple orders will be combined into the same package. This reduces the number of packages sent to our customers, giving you fewer packaging materials to dispose of, which is part of our Little Dipper commitment towards being good citizens of our planet and so you have less packaging material to dispose. Items from multiple orders may be combined into the same package if the orders meet the following criteria:

  • • Multiple orders are placed through the same customer account.
  • • The orders are being shipped to the same address.
  • • Items from each order are located at the same facility.
  • • The orders are shipping at around the same time.
  • • The items will be delivered by your promised delivery date.

Combining items from multiple orders into a single package won't change the amount of shipping you pay for each order. You'll be charged separate shipping charges for each of your orders. However, you will not be charged more than the total amounts quoted at checkout for all orders.

Can I return an item after I receive it?

Unlike other companies, we carry limited inventory. We do our best to facilitate exchanges or returns for store credit within 30 days of you receiving our fabric or products, provided they are unused and in "like-new" condition. Since we only have limited inventory, it can be tricky for us to replace a product exactly. When available, an exact replacement will be sent to the buyer at no additional cost. For more details on the Little Dipper return policy, visit our Shipping & Returns page.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We love our international community! For more details on Little Dipper shipping policies, visit our Shipping & Returns page.